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Yacht Charter in Turkey
02 February 2016

Yacht Charter in Turkey

Turkey is becoming one of the favorite holiday destinations in recent years. In this context, the total number of tourists visiting Turkey is increasing every year. Thanks to its natural beauty and seasonal features that Turkey hosts, guests are visiting Turkey because they find the chance to spend their holidays throughout the 4 seasons. The length of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea coast is about 4,200 kilometers in Turkey. This shows how much of the marine tourism industry in Turkey is an important point.

Yacht charter in Turkey began to be right more popular in the late 2000s. The increase in the number of tourists visiting the country showed the reflection in the boat charter industry. With the start of the economic development of the country, tourism investments have gained momentum. On the other hand, the increase in the number of charter boats make Turkey's southern coasts has become more popular. Unparalleled natural beauty on the shores of Turkey has been a port of call every year from many yacht charter customers. With the increase in the number of charter boats, the experienced crew demand gets more important. This new tourism sector offers young and experienced yacht charter crews who have graduated from maritime schools.

Many investors from abroad built their Charter Yachts in Turkey and after that they began renting their yachts here. The increase in the number of foreign-owned charter yachts increases the quality of the boats. But according to the cabotage law in Turkey, foreign flagged yachts cannot take the Turkish customers. This is important in terms of protecting the Turkish boats and owners. The most common used yacht type for chartering in Turkey is a classic gullets. Turkish gulets are usually made of wood are spacious and comfortable. A gullet offers customers both motor and sailing charter. The summer is too hot so the boats are usually air-conditioned. Another type of yacht charter in Turkey is a motor yacht. MotorYachts offer customers a combination of speed and comfort. Due to the power of the engine motor, these yachts have more fuel consumption. Charter yachts can be rented weekly, such as daily rental alternatives are also available.